Physical or Occupational Therapy Treatment Session

learning in motion pt training session

Physical or Occupational Treatment

What are the details of a Physical or Occupational Therapy Treatment session?

If treatment is recommended, occupational therapy sessions are $150 for a 60 minute treatment session ($165 in the state of California); 50 minutes of treatment directly with the child and 10 minutes with the parent following the session to make suggestions for home/school or answer any questions. A specific treatment plan with short and long term goals will be created and addressed in treatment activities during weekly sessions if treatment is pursued. Treatment sessions are usually recommended 1 or 2 times per week depending on the child and their needs. Every child is different; however, children usually make progress faster with increased frequency of treatment! Re-evaluation with testing ($150 report writing fee if a formal written report is wanted ) is completed 6-8 months after starting therapy in order to assess progress and make further recommendations.

Arizona Rates

$150 per teatment hour

California Rates

$165 per treatment hour

Due to the cost of doing small business in the state of California, Learning in Motion’s Occupational and Physical Therapy treatment rates will increase from $150 to $165 per treatment hour as of January 1, 2022.