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  • Comprehensive personalized approach to your child and family at our clinic in Newport Beach, CA. and Paradise Valley, AZ.
  • Sensorimotor whole child recommendations and testing
  • Parent and family education included in all treatment programs
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Tara MacKenzie
Tara MacKenzie
Tara MacKenzie is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist at Learning In Motion Clinic located in a private home clinic setting in Newport Beach...
Kristin Taylor
Kristin Taylor
Kristin Taylor received her Masters degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Southern California. She has extensive knowledge in the...
Ruth Collas
Ruth Collas
Jonna Fredriksen is the Office Manager and Billing/Insurance Specialist at Learning In Motion. She started at Learning In Motion in 2015 as Tara’s...
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Tara has partnered with St. Andrew’s preschool in numerous ways. She has come alongside the teachers by meeting with them individually and as a group. She gives us tools to help assist our preschoolers that might struggle with different developmental needs. Tara has spent countless hours working with our teachers and students. We are very blessed to have Tara share all her knowledge with us.
Janice Zorn, Preschool Director of St. Andrew's Preschool
As a general pediatrician, I am incredibly grateful to have Tara Mackenzie as a resource for referral for my patients. From fine motor/gross motor delay to behavioral/emotional control issues, Tara is a gifted therapist with significant experience in many different aspects of occupational therapy and behavioral management. I have seen so many success stories through the patients I’ve referred and this community is lucky to have her as a resource.
Dr. Kristin Pelinka, Pediatrician
Our son is bright but has a lot of inconsistencies which is very frustrating and troubling for him. Focusing, starting & completing tasks & transitioning are very difficult for him. Tara was referred to us by our son’s Pre-K teacher and our son just fell in love with Tara from day one. Tara is extremely knowledgeable, patient and is always willing to try something new or different, in order to get my son to engage and continue advancing. She is also very helpful in giving suggestions for home activities to support the hard work they do during sessions. After working with Miss Tara, we have seen a huge jump in our son’s self-confidence & ability to follow through with directions and assignments. Tara’s dedication and care for all the children she treats is what makes her truly special and we are so happy to get the chance to work with her on a weekly basis.
Parent in Newport Beach, CA